What is Insanity Fit Test?

Anybody can perform the Insanity fit test with enough determination and above all commitment. Insanity test is available with a “Fit Test, ” and this is the part of your workout session.

The reason why you do fit test is to see where you stand as far as your fitness level is concerned. You are required to be in decent shape before you initiate Insanity workout free.

Tips to deal with fit test insanity

In case, if you want to accomplish fit test insanity, you need to follow and look upon some of these tips that will help you out to clarify the test:

insanity fit test excersice

  1. Before initiating any workout, you should consult your physician to know if you are fit to do this.

  2.   It is effortless to drop proper form when your body is tired during exercise, but it is significant to never quit even in the case of injury. You just have to take rest for a little span of time.

  3. It is necessary to rest, but only when you fully need to. To enhance your workout, you should keep the rests mostly minimized.

  4.   There is little difference in feeling pain and from being sore. During insanity fit test just try to your body and find if your pain is only because of workout or real pain is because of injury.

  5.  Proper shoes are key to do well-being exercises. You must make sure that you use shoes that are comfortable to wear. 

  6. When you are performing fit test insanity, you will get a lot of sweat so you should keep your body hydrated well to avoid cramps.

  7.  Take a balanced diet to provide significant vitamins to aid you not only burn out the fat, but also develop lean muscle

  8. Insanity is 80% mental and 20% physical health. There will be a time when maybe you want to quit; this is the time when you have to boost up your moral, push yourself mentally to get that inner strength to keep on with insanity fit test.

We can also provide best insanity workout calendar PDF for you better help.

Track Your Progress through

You should have Insanity Fit Test sheet before you initiate the workout program.  The Fit Test tends to offer you to monitor progress. This is a 60-day program, and you will notice amazing results.  You need to do the fitness test after every two weeks to observe your progress.

Download this fit test sheet free of cost: Link

insanity fit test

What is the duration of insanity fit test?

The insanity fitness test around twenty-five minutes from initiation to the termination point.  The Fit Test includes little warm-up and cool-down during starting phase.

Warm up is based on jogging rather than jumping jacks, kicks, high knees, mummy kicks, and complete stretching.

Final Progress

After you have gone through each phase of insanity workout schedule free, you can check your progress in fitness test sheet.  This is a sheet that keeps the entire record of your workout. The insanity fit test sheet is easy to manage by every individual. This aids people to track the record and compare it with past insanity workout free.

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